Conference “We Stand With Ukraine – Historical & Current Perspectives”


Conference “We Stand With Ukraine – Historical & Current Perspectives”     
3 June 2022
Europe House, Regeringsgatan 65, Stockholm
In person & LIVE streaming


12.30 Open the doors, registration, security check

13.00 Welcoming speech
Aho Rebas, President, Estonian World Council (ÜEKN)
Karin Karlsbro, Member of European Parliament, Liberalerna

13.10 I “Shared memories of Russian occupation”
The role of Russia in history in Eastern Europe. Why is it important to remember the communist crimes committed and Russia to acknowledge its role? What is happening in Ukraine right now? Is it true that history keeps repeating itself?

– Discussion: Hain Rebas & Martin Kragh

Q & A 

14.10 Coffee break

14.40 “Never alone: NATO:s changing role in Europe” 
Russia has broken the promises of peace in Europe on several occasions as a result, there is a growing need for increased military defence in the region. Sweden and Finland have changed their positions regarding Nato. Countries like Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova struggle to defend the right to make their own choices. What is Nato’s role in Europe today and in the future? 

Discussion: Judith Gough, Gunnar Hökmark, Björn von Sydow, Laima Andrikienė (video link), Marko Mihkelson. Moderator: Alexandra Ivanov

Q & A 

15.40 Coffee break

16.00 “Information wars across the globe”
The fragility of uninformed social media users is changing our democratic societies and making us vulnerable to foreign influence operations. How are our weaknesses being used during the recent crisis and in the context of the Ukrainian war? What can we do to be stronger and more resilient?

Discussion: Marcus Kolga, Patrik Oksanen, Jessikka Aro (video link), Hanna Liubakova

Q & A 

16.50 Closing remarks
Alina Zubkovych, Chairman of the Ukraine Nordic Forum

16.55 Conference conclusion
Reet Marten Sehr, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Estonian World Council



– Estonian World Council (ÜEKN)
– Association of Estonians in Sweden (REL)

– MTÜ Global Estonians
– Stockholm Free World Forum – Frivärld
– Liberalerna
– Nordic Ukraine Forum
– Estonian Embassy in Stockholm


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