Baltic Way 30: One History, Two Million Stories

Baltic Way 30

On the 23rd of August 1989, approximately two million inhabitants of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined hands and connected the capitals of the Baltic States, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius to commemorate and condemn the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact signed by Germany and the USSR on the 23rd of August 1939.

It was a powerful gesture designed to strengthen each other in the fight for a common goal – to regain the independence of the Baltic States. People of different ages, nationalities, religions and social groups participated. In 2009, UNESCO included the Baltic Way in its Memory of the World Register.

Year 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the Baltic Way and 80 years since the signing of the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact. Both anniversaries will commemorated throughout the year by the governments and people of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in a series of events in the Baltic States and worldwide.

Several public events to honor the 30th Anniversary of the Baltic Way will be held in Sweden

23 August
15.00-16.00 Demonstration at Norrmalmstorg INFO 
17.00-20.00 “Baltic Way 30: One History, Two Million Stories” – exhibition, speeches, discussion, music, film, networking – at the Estonian House, Wallingatan 34 INFO 
R.S.V.P. 21 August

23 August

19.00-20.00 FlashMob “Ärgake Baltimaad / Atmostas Baltija / Bunda Jau Baltija”, Stortorget INFO 

3 September kl 18.30 i Gotlands Försvarsmuseum
Lecture “Molotov-Ribbentrop-pakten 1939, förspel och konsekvenser för Estland och dess befolkning” – prof emeritus Hain Rebas INFO

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