Avaleht Kalender Ceramic Workshop: Obvara firing at Viljandi Art School

Ceramic Workshop: Obvara firing at Viljandi Art School

Biscuit fired forms will be prepared so each participant can use it for Obvara firing technique which creates unique decorative effect. There will be short theoretical overview to be followed by firing unglazed ceramic in gas kiln then each item will deeped in Obvara mixture after that placed into water to cool. The whole process will take 5-6 hours. It is recommended to bring with you item to use it in Obvara or Raku technique. There will be provided option to fire ceramic in Raku technique. The piece must not be more than 10 cm width and 15-20 cm high, white clay is preferable, recommended item to be polished or coated with terra sigillata.

Workshop: Wood kiln and ash-glaze. Kaljurahnu Noborigama kiln.
Ash-glaze workshop will introduce the theory and practice of making ash-glaze items.
All the components used are ready on-site, the participants can bring along pre-burned
high-temperature items and cover them with ash-glaze and burn them in the wood kiln.
The participants will get the items after the kiln will be opened. (29.07) The items
will be delivered by parcel post.
The project is supported by the Nordplus Adult program.
19.07 – arrival to Viljandi at 14.00.
20.07 – Viljandi Art School, Obrava cell burning workshop
21.07 – Kaljurahnu Noborigama – glazing training
22.07 – Kaljurahnu Noborigama, packing the owen
23.07 – Kaljurahnu Noborigama, burning
19.07 – Arrival and greetings. Each country can make a brief introduction from their
pottery traditions.
20.07 – Art School Day, Obrava burning technique.
21.07 – training of ash glazes on the Kaljurahnu. The training starts at 10.00. Duration
3 hours. Glazing of objects after training.
22.07 – stacking things in the oven at 10.00.
23.07 – burning, duration 36-40 hours.
End of the project.
July 29 – oven opening and exhibition. The exact time of opening is agreed upon at
the time of burning, usually at 11. Duration 3-4 hours. If necessary, we will send the
participants’ work by parcel post.

Aires Põder, e-mail: ee.ru1716467799utluk1716467799avhar1716467799@redo1716467799p.ser1716467799ia1716467799, +372 5911 7900
Estonian Centre of Folk Culture


19 - 23 juuli 2022


14:00 - 18:00